Psychometric Profiles are exceptionally beneficial for evaluating job fit and understanding of how an individual will fit with and impact your team (before they are even introduced!). Profiling a potential candidate through the use of psychometric tests, gives you the ability to obtain a clear understanding of an individual’s natural behavioural style and the types of tasks and activities they will feel comfortable undertaking. This is hugely valuable when evaluating job fit for a role, during the screening part of the employment process.

Extended DISC Profiles can be used in all areas of recruitment including:

  • Screening potential candidates 
  • Identifying those candidates who match job requirements
  • On-boarding and training
  • Learning and development

That ‘gut feeling’ is just not enough to ensure you employee the most suitable candidate. In the pre-employment screening process, quick and comprehensive online psychometric tests make the process of finding the most suitable candidate for the job role faster and easier. Getting the fit right from the start saves both time and money. Instead of hiring and rehiring or spending time dealing with motivation and performance issues, employers can create a happy workforce through the selection of candidates whose behavioural style suits specific roles.

Promoting an employee or having behavioural issues within your team?

Extended DISC assessments are an invaluable tool to assess the development needs required for your team members succession planning or promotion probability! Wouldn’t it be great to assess your current team members to further identify the right person for the promotion, or new management role? With extended DISC, you will get all the information you need to set your newly promoted employee up for success. 

Further, if you have behavioural issues, a slump in performance or a personality clash within your team, use extended DISC to provide insight into the ‘why’ and gain assistance in diffusing the situation or improving the performance of the individual! Extended DISC profiles can be tailored in many ways including:

  • Individual communication assessment
  • Management assessment
  • Leadership assessment
  • Customer Service assessment
  • Team & build assessment
  • Work pair assessment
  • Many more variations!


  • Find the best long-term candidate for your job vacancy
  • Help identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Uncover conscious and unconscious behavioural patterns
  • Learn what the best role is for a person
  • Understand team roles and dynamics

    As an accredited consultant, Xavier has facilitated over 600 Extended DISC and Sales Competence assessments for businesses around Australia. Do yourself and your business a favour and call NextGen HR today.

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