HR Health Check

Whether you employ 1 person, or 50, you need to ensure you have a level of compliance that would satisfy the National Employment Standards and Fair Work Australia guidelines.

Is your business HR Compliant?

Answering NO to any of these questions means you may be at risk. Call us today for a no obligation HR Health Check

  • Do you know what is required for employee record keeping and payslip transparency obligations?
  • Do you know what award or industrial instrument is relevant to your business and employees?
  • Have you checked that you are paying and classifying your staff correctly?
  • Do you have policies in place to help manage employee under-performance and behavioural issues?
  • Do your employees have employment contracts that are legally compliant, and in line with the National Employment Standards and Fair Work Act?
  • Do you provide your staff with a copy of the Fair Work Information Statement?

The list goes on…