Unfortunately, employing people can mean that you will encounter some situations that require specialist advice so that both the business and employee rights are protected.

Next Gen HR can provide advice on how to enhance and manage your relationships; whilst also protecting the interests of all parties involved. Areas where we can help can include:

  • Poor performance: We can provide advice on how to improve employee performance and drive positivity and engagement; all essential aspects of running a successful business. It’s tricky, but we have the knowledge and experience to guide you.
  • Behavioural issues: how many times do you hear “they’re a great performer, but have the worst attitude”? These employees can be difficult to manage and can affect the rest of your team and business as a whole. Next Gen HR can provide you with the right tools to manage these situations and people.
  • Termination advice: whether it is voluntary or involuntary, Next Gen HR can assist you in ensuring that you are complying with the requirements outlined by Fair Work and the National Employment Standards.
  • Leave entitlements and how to manage effective leave processes and other payroll related queries
  • Policy implementation and adherence: it’s great to have policies in place, but are they known and do your manager’s know what to do when faced with a possible policy breach? Next Gen HR can aid you in ensuring that your policies are implemented in every situation.
  • Bullying & Harassment: this is a major focus of the modern workplace in Australia. You need a policy and your staff need to be trained in the fundamentals of bullying, harassment, sexual harassment and grievance handling processes. Next Gen HR can provide strategies that will help prevent bullying and harassment in your workplace and give you the right tools to deal with such situations when and if they arise.

Contact us today and let us help you manage all aspects of your employee relationships.


Having your own HR advisor can be simply be a phone call or email away! 

Do you want the piece of mind for your business and management team, knowing they have a dedicated advisor to support them through the every day challenges involved in the employee lifecycle? This service may just be the answer, and exactly what you need now and in the future. 

Hourly, weekly and monthly arrangements can be discussed for Next Gen HR to provide your business with the following dedicated support services:

  • Employee issues
  • HR policy queries
  • Termination and redundancy guidance and support
  • Performance management advice 
  • Industrial relations queries
  • Employment contract and award interpretation support
  • Leave and other payroll queries
  • All other employee related questions relating to your business

We provide 24/7 support depending on the needs of your business, and can be on site within 24 hours for emergency support. Call Xavier on 0427 068 030 to discuss your requirements today!