Doing more for your employees sets you apart from your competitors, and gone are the days where your people just work for $$. Providing extra incentives to attract and retain good people is increasingly important as we are seeing more millennials and Gen Z’s entering the workforce, and into leadership positions! What motivates them does not always come down to money.

A very simple benefit to initiate into your business is the “Birthday & Anniversary” program. Everyone has a birthday right? And who doesn’t want to take a day or half day off to enjoy it? Benefits like gift vouchers, nights out drinking and the like only appeal to a percentage of your workforce, which is what makes this program so popular. We have been lucky to work with many clients on fresh and contemporary employee benefits, and the feedback from employees (and the business owners) is that this benefit is by far the most attractive. It has also reduced absenteeism (definitely around birthdays!) and led to a far greater employee satisfaction rating. Suggestion – make it more personal by including a leave voucher in a handwritten card! 

We were speaking to a client a few weeks ago about this type of program, as they had pulse tested their workforce and the current benefits were either not utilised, or the employees did not value them. Mind you, they have great insurance discounts, employee awards and incentive programs but nothing that appeals to the masses. We suggested this type of program and the HR Manager loved it, but had a concerning look on their face. Finance won’t like it, was his response. It will cost too much money! Thankfully that was short-lived and with clear data on their current retention rates and utilisation of their already costly employee benefits program, he was able to convince finance that they could NOT afford NOT to put this program in place. 

Also, there are so many businesses out there that celebrate (with a parting gift or party) employees leaving their business. This is great and should be continued, but why not celebrate your employees STAYING? Use the same principal as your birthday leave program, but increase the days off depending on the length of tenure. For example, you may wish to provide 1/2 day off for the employees first year anniversary, and 2 free days off for employees who have reached 3 years or more. The specifics are up to you at the end of the day!

Either way, both programs appeal to each and everyone of your employees, and from an attraction perspective, the business doesn’t just provide the standard 4 weeks of annual leave to each employee. You now offer additional leave and reward your employees for loyalty and growing older with your business. When you think about it, the marketing opportunity when attracting new staff is pretty impressive.

Need help? We can assist in implementing this program to your employees as well as ensuring your payroll/HRIS system can keep up!

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