Today, millennials make up a huge portion of the workforce. But, these individuals are not accustomed to the traditional job application process as we know it. 

Instead, they leverage the technologies that have shaped their lives in order to pursue their careers. This article will discuss some of the different ways millennials search for and land jobs in today’s day and age.

Job Hunting and the Impact of Modern Tech

Some estimates suggest that more than 55% of the world’s population have access to the internet. So it should come as no surprise when young adults are leaning more towards online ways of applying for jobs.

Also known as Generation Y, Millennials tend to be very tech-savvy and are currently entering the peak of their professional careers. While the generations that follow millennials are also starting to enter the workforce, many companies focus on Gen Y prospects because of their potential to bring both experience and innovation to the table.

How Millennials Are Landing Jobs Today

The definition of a millennial varies slightly from company to company. According to Pew Research Center, millennials are people born between the years of 1981 and 1996. 

Therefore, it’s safe to assume that Gen Y prospects are the first to have exposure to modern technology throughout their formative years, giving them an edge over cohorts that are younger or older than them.

Here are some of the ways millennials look for employment today.

Networking to the Top

Many parents may remember scolding their kids for hanging out with their friends all day. This statement is not entirely true any more thanks to the power of networking. 

Social skills are becoming increasingly valuable for networking and finding new employment opportunities. Through networking, Millennials not only take advantage of the contacts they already have but can reach new social circles. A person they went to university with, a mentor, or even a childhood friend could potentially pull a few strings and help them land them a job.

The only catch is that such job applications tend to be via a reference, which means that there’s additional pressure to deliver a great performance not only on the applicant’s part but also the referee’s.

Travelling to More Convenient Markets

There are many countries that produce so much young talent that it exceeds the local demand. This, combined with the wanderlust that characterises millennials, has encouraged many of them to seek more convenient markets abroad.

This phenomenon also means that companies may need to start adjusting and outsourcing a significant portion of their operation to tap into the growing global talent pool.

Becoming a Social Influencer

Social media is a powerful business tool and Gen Y prospects know it. Some millennials have used these platforms to make a name for themselves in a particular industry by becoming an ‘influencer’. Besides giving them professional credibility, it also allows them to take advantage of other income channels like affiliate marketing.

Using Their Natural Skills as a Tool

Gone are the days when the only way to become a professional was to pursue a degree. Today, millennials can pursue their natural skills in order to land the jobs they want. 

Take the example of Mike Matas, the graphic designer who didn’t pursue higher education, but instead put his natural talent to work. You’d now find him responsible for different design elements in iPhones and other Apple products’ user interface.

Leveraging Online Platforms

The most common way millennials land jobs today is through online platforms. Prospects can either apply directly through a company’s website or they can also employ freelancing platforms that connect companies to independent professionals.

Building a Strong Internal Team

Incorporating millennials into your workforce can have a refreshing effect on your company. Besides bringing innovative ideas, Gen Y employees also boast of a know-how that other age groups don’t have the capabilities to possess.

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Kym Wallis, the founding director of Higher Ranking has over 15 years of advertising sales, digital strategy, and business development experience. He is currently working as Digital Adviser for Integr8IT.